Weekly Performances

If you plan to attend...

Come to the Washington Ave. Pier at 11am (see below for directions and exact meeting location), and plan to stay until 1pm.

The pier is an outdoor site along the Delaware River so dress for the day's weather, and bring whatever you might need - water bottle, sunscreen, umbrella. Although we perform in the rain, heat and cold, we will cancel if there is lightening. You can check the facebook event for an update if you think it might be cancelled.

Wear comfortable shoes, as there is some guided walking and wandering. The site is accessible with paved walkways and benches. The nearest bathroom is a couple hundred yards away from the pier, at the Dunkin Donuts across Columbus Blvd.

Children are welcome.

Come as you are. You can attend the weekly performances as an audience member, or get more involved as a participant. If you are interested in participating, click here.

Observe yourself observing.

The Quiet Circus invites you to experience Philadelphia as an urban landscape performing itself. Subtle performances and participatory activities are designed to invite an ongoing, luminous experience of this dynamic site and broader implications for contemplation, connection and community. Mindfulness principles are explored in relation to creative engagements with site, performance, participation and community.

The Quiet Circus ran for 36 weeks over 15 months, from September 2016 through November 2017. For writing, media and reflections on the continuing life of this work, subscribe to our blog Quiet News and join the mailing list below.

Meeting Location:

Walk or bike across Columbus Blvd at Washington Avenue, and you will see the Sheet Metal Workers union building to your right and the Coast Guard to the left. There is a pathway between them that will take you onto the trail. Beginning at 10:45am, we will be there to meet you at the head of the trail, next to the bike racks.

There is no parking directly on site. If you are driving you can park at the strip mall that has a Dunkin' Donuts at the corner of Washington Avenue and Columbus Blvd. You can use the bathrooms in the Dunkin' Donuts as there are no bathrooms at the pier.